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Hagelstein Out and Back

Got a taste for adventure and an afternoon to spare? This 2.5-3hr ride is right out of downtown Klamath Falls, and promises several climbs 1-2 miles long with short but steep pitches, fun descents and sweet gravel. This near road bike level gravel route is a local favorite and you’ll see why when you reach the turnaround point at the top of Hagelstein Mountain offering some of the most dramatic views in the Klamath Basin. On a clear day you can get a see the peak of Mount Shasta, just across the Oregon-California border. While there are multiple sections of this ride that are pavement and some well-oiled gravel, it is not recommended to bring a road bike (we recommend about 32mm tires for best results). This route can be ridden year-round, depending on snowfall in the winter. Bathrooms are available at Hagelstein Park.

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