Get your daily vitamin D while you ride over mountain passes, through farmlands or meander the high desert landscape on the bountiful roads dotting Klamath County.  The “must see” or “must ride” is Crater Lake!

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Thumbnail Road Bike Map-Final2


Running Y Loop (Triple Loop) Moderate271394-1394RidewithGPS
Lake of the Woods Easy9409-402RidewithGPS
OC&E Trail Out and BackEasy14183-183RidewithGPS
Upper Klamath LoopDifficult892755-2756RidewithGPS
Keno-Worden LoopEasy to Moderate39739-745RidewithGPS
Airport Loop ExtendedModerate48871-870RidewithGPS
Ashland LoopExtremely Difficult907288-7133RidewithGPS
Keno Access LoopExtremely Difficult884495-4495RidewithGPS
Hyatt LoopExtremely Difficult634461-4461RidewithGPS
Westside LoopModerate471161-1160RidewithGPS
Merrill LoopModerate611423-1423RidewithGPS
Hamaker Out and BackDifficult423204-3204RidewithGPS
Crater Lake LoopExtremely Difficult716412-6413RidewithGPS
Bonanza LoopModerate45985-985RidewithGPS
Airport LoopEasy to Moderate28562-562RidewithGPS
Art of Survival - The CenturyEasy to Difficult941700-1700RidewithGPS
Art of Survival - The Century PlusEasy to Difficult1132504-2504RidewithGPS
Art of Survival - Metric Century Moderate641444-1444RidewithGPS
Art of Survival - 45 Mile Route Easy to Moderate45526-526RidewithGPS
Art of Survival - Family Route Easy30385-385RidewithGPS