Crater Lake Loop

Crater Lake Loop (71 miles)

Crater Lake Rim offers an epic 33 mile road bike ride by any measure but this version starts in Fort Klamath at 4,200’ elevation offering a more challenging ride of 71 miles and 6,400’ of climbing. The ride starts with an easy 6 miles to the park boundary then the road tilts up gaining 2,800’ over the next 16.5 miles through beautiful old growth Ponderosa Pine. After 22 miles you arrive at Rim Village at 7,100’ where you can fuel up and take in the views. Ride clock-wise around the rim for the next 30 miles before starting a much deserved 13-mile descent to the flatlands. Enjoy the views and bring water and sunscreen. Have fun!



Photos provided by BrianGaileyPhotography.com