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Upper Klamath Loop

This ride is a challenge due its length but is a great way to see the best of Klamath Lake. Start early and preferably on the weekend for lighter traffic on Hwy 140 from mile 6 to mile 25. Once off the highway enjoy 17 miles of low traffic, wide shoulders and long sight distances on the Westside Road. Next is the scenic Wood River Valley where you pass through fertile farm land, spring feed streams and Fort Klamath makes for a good refueling stop at mile 50. Then you head south back to Klamath. Note there is another six mile section of busy Hwy 97 but there are adequate shoulders and there is also some gravel through Plum Valley but is is ultra fine, compact and smoother than some of the local chip seal.

Click on the route in the map to print a map and cue sheet.

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